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Michael Otto embodies numerous contrasts in his entrepreneurial activity. Tradition and the courage to venture into new territory are just as important as cultural change, agility and a long-term approach. He has had a undeniable sense for trends throughout his entire professional career. He has demonstrated foresight and a sense of timing for future-oriented decisions when it comes to developing the corporate group. He has consistently advocated for the environment and accepted social responsibility. That remains true to this very day.




Companies need charismatic and credible leaders who mean business. Michael Otto is an example of this. These leaders gain the support of employees and the right investors who will stick with them even when a major trend becomes a battle for survival – or when they dive in head-first before a trend has even been established.

Maja Göpel, Economics and Transformation Researcher


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Prof. Dr. Michael Otto being interviewed
Prof. Dr. Michael Otto being interviewed

Prof. Dr. Michael Otto as


Prof. Dr. Michael Otto as